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What's the company's story / background?

ERA Timepieces set out with one singular goal -- to take haute horlogerie complications and make them accessible to the common man. The ERA Prometheus is our first model, which features a skeletonized HZ3360A Tourbillon movement with a GMT / Dual timezone complication on the left and a sun-moon complication on the right. ERA Timepiece's CEO is Michael Galarza, who started the company by partnering up with master watchmakers that he's met over the years through his luxury goods distribution business.

Our concept seems to have legs, as we raised over 1.5 million USD in a few weeks on crowdfunding platforms.

This proves that regular people want Tourbillons to be accessible to them. They want tourbillon timepieces that created by a real brand that understands how to do proper branding and all the details associated with that, yet isn't trying to price gouge because they need to spend the bulk of their advertising budget on celebrity sponsorship deals.

The inspiration of our branding as you can see from our logo is Art Nouveau, and centered around the time period of the Great Gatsby. So streamline, black chrome blue color palette, early Rimowa suitcases, etc.