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Jan 13, 2020
Donnie Vieau wrote
Being a veteran on a fixed budget, could a veteran make seven payments of fifty dollars a month for seven months.
Never had no fancy watch before. My current watch is a Citizens watch and before that I owned Timex military style watch’s for there luminous dial at night.
If it costs more I guess I would go for eight months at fifty dollars a month.
Sure is a beautiful watch.
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Jan 13, 2020
Donnie Vieau wrote
What kind of answer do you mean?
Jan 13, 2020
Cory agent wrote
Hi Donnie,

Thank you for your interest in our ERA Timepieces!

I'm delighted to inform you that, yes, you have the option to stagger up payments or make regular installments for the timepiece of your choice. Kindly read your options below.

1. If you are a US-resident, we have a Klarna installment plan available. We can accept a minimum $100 deposit (or $500 for ERA Aion) to confirm your order. Once we get closer to being able to ship, I'll give you the Klarna link to pay the remaining balance.

2. If you are a non-US resident, we can send an invoice for the amount you have available or a minimum deposit of $100 (or $500 for ERA Aion). You can complete the payment when you are ready but must be fully paid before shipping.

The deposit is a guarantee that you will receive your timepiece when it is available to ship. Once shipped, it would only take 3-5 business days for it to arrive at your doorstep.

You can check our comparison page for all our available ERA Timepieces with their prices, shipping timeline, and specs.


Feel free to contact us anytime for any further inquiries. Thank you for supporting ERA Timepieces.
Jan 13, 2020
Donnie Vieau wrote
Sure would love to get that Odyssey watch.
I will try my hardest to make ends meet just to have a fancy watch for the first time in my life.
My email address is
Thanks Vincent
Jan 13, 2020
James agent wrote
Hi, Donnie! I'm just chiming in for Vince here.

I'm glad to know about your interest in our ERA Odyssey. You can reach out to us anytime once you're ready to make a deposit.

Here's the link to the timepiece for your easy reference: https://eratimepieces.com/a/offers/f/15802/0/era-odyssey-pre-orders

Have a pleasant day!
Jan 13, 2020
Donnie Vieau wrote
Thanks James.Donnie.
As my military pension comes in at the end of every month I will let you know how things are financially.
Thanks again James.
Donnie down in Thailand.