Siulated tourbillon

Jan 14, 2020
Jorge de la Canal wrote
I am interested in your Odyssey watch, yet I want to know what you understand by "simulated tourbillon".
1 Answer
Jan 14, 2020
Cory agent wrote
Hi Jorge,

Thanks for your interest in ERA Timepieces.

As the words itself stated, "simulated tourbillon" means we simulated the tourbillon mechanism but kept the look and feel of a 6 figure timepiece.

Our ERA Odyssey is available for US$299 and ships in April. Kindly check out our website for more details and to purchase your very first ERA Timepiece.

If you want a luxury tourbillon experience, you may refer to our ERA Prometheus instead. Price starts at $1799 and new orders will ship in March.

Here is the link for reference:

You can check our comparison page for all our available ERA Timepieces with their prices, shipping timeline, and specs.

Feel free to contact us anytime for any further inquiries. Thank you for supporting ERA Timepieces.